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Pancakes yeast thick, like a grandmother!


Well, who, tell me, does not remember this magical smell of yeast pancakes that woke up the whole house on Sunday morning! You come to the kitchen, and there rises a ruddy mountain of aromatic, thick and lush pancakes soaked with butter, to the brilliance that grandmother baked from early morning. My grandmother made pancakes from savory yeast dough, they turned out to be unusually tasty, we ate them both hot and cold, with jam or a sponge, in general, this is the taste of childhood and it is different for every person!

Pancakes are yeast
  • Cooking time: 2 hours
  • Servings Per Container: 4

Ingredients for grandmother's thick pancakes, like grandma’s

  • 250 g of wheat flour;
  • 250 ml of milk;
  • 50 g butter;
  • one chicken egg;
  • 10 g pressed yeast;
  • sugar, salt.

The method of preparation of pancakes, yeast, unpaired

We sift wheat flour of the highest grade several times, this will enrich the flour with oxygen, relieve lumps, the flour will become fluffy and airy. With sifted flour, pancakes rise well, become thick and lush.

We heat the milk to a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius, add pressed yeast and a pinch of sugar, stir the yeast well, they should completely dissolve. Keep live pressed yeast fresh and stored in the refrigerator for no more than 12 days.

Sift flour We brew yeast in warm milk Pour the yolk, milk and yeast into the flour

Separate the yolk from the protein, mix the sifted flour, a pinch of fine salt, add the yeast and yolk diluted in warm milk, knead the dough.

Knead the dough and set to fit

The dough for yeast pancakes should be quite liquid, like very thick cream or liquid sour cream. You need to knead the dough for about 8-10 minutes, although the dough is liquid, it requires the same attention as the dough for buns, so it’s convenient to put the “hook” nozzle in the mixer. Cover the bowl with the dough with a linen towel or tighten with cling film, leave for 1 hour at room temperature.

Pour melted butter into a suitable dough

After an hour, the dough will increase approximately twice, melt the butter, add to the dough, again knead thoroughly.

Gently add whipped protein to the dough.

Beat egg white until soft peaks, carefully combine the protein with the dough, it will add additional air bubbles to the pancakes. We put the dough in the heat for another 20-25 minutes.

Getting started making pancakes

Heat the pan. I will not expand on the correct selection of certain pans, I think every housewife has her own experience in this area, but my experience has shown that in any case, the pan should have an even and thick bottom. Dip half the onion in vegetable oil for frying, grease the pan with an even thin layer of oil, pour 3 full tablespoons of dough for one pancake. We bake pancakes until golden brown. By the way, to lubricate the pan, my grandmother had a goose feather, which she dipped in fat, but I did not dare to repeat this ancient technology.

Ready pancakes, spreading with butter, put in a pile

We put the finished yeast pancakes in a pile, be sure to generously coat with butter, at my grandmother it just oozed from each pancake.

Pancakes like a grandmother! Yeast, safetyless

And also, when all the yeast pancakes were ready, and the last spoonful of dough remained in the bowl, my grandmother always baked me a couple of tiny pancakes, such a kind of bonus.